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Lucien Greaves, spokesman for the Satanic Temple, which has pushed to establish after-school clubs. Josh Reynolds for The Washington Post via Getty Images

How after-school clubs became a new battleground in the Satanic Temple’s push to preserve separation of church and state

The controversial – and often misunderstood – extracurricular groups tend to raise controversy. But under equal access laws, schools can’t discriminate against a club based on its point of view.
Joe Kennedy poses in front of the U.S. Supreme Court building after his legal case, Kennedy vs. Bremerton School District, was argued before the court on April 25, 2022. Win McNamee/Getty Images News via Getty Images

Why the Supreme Court’s football decision is a game-changer on school prayer

Kennedy v. Bremerton, a case about a public school teacher’s prayer, helps close out a Supreme Court term in which religion was often in the spotlight.
Religious teachers can feel uncomfortable explaining the science of evolution to their pupils. Shutterstock

Evolution vs creation: teachers try to balance faith and their lessons

Many South African teachers don’t accept the theory of evolution. They feel deeply conflicted when they have to teach it to their pupils as part of the life sciences curriculum.
Senegalese boys learn at a koranic school. Even in secular schools, religion dominates class time. Finbarr O'Reilly/Reuters

Senegal’s teachers struggle with the clash between science and faith

In Senegal, schoolteachers who are personally religious must work in a secular space that marginalises religious discourse and knowledge. They have several ways of subverting the system.
Recent debate about the government’s school chaplaincy program has been informed by deficient understandings of what ‘secular’ is. AAP/Alan Porritt

School chaplaincy debate ignores what ‘secular’ actually is

Despite recent calls for its elimination and the High Court (again) finding that it was funded unconstitutionally, the Abbott government announced this week that it would continue its school chaplaincy…
It’s important for kids to know about religion in historical, cultural and secular contexts, but not to be proselytised to. Shutterstock

Religion should be taught secularly in our schools

Religion in schools is being debated once more in anticipation of findings from the controversial Review of the National Curriculum. This is a challenging topic locally and internationally. Can, and should…
Victoria has clarified its position on religion in schools including prayer groups and Bible handouts. Why was this necessary? Shutterstock

Clarification of religion in schools signifies greater societal shift

Once again, some religious groups are crying foul and accusing the government of violating their freedom of religion. Victoria’s Education Minister has clarified the policy on Special Religious Instruction…

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