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Can science and religion coincide in the classroom? Shutterstock

Is there a place for religion in the science classroom?

The traditional perception that there is no place for religion in the science classroom may be an obstacle for some students deeply engaging with science and developing a solid understanding of the fundamentals…
Park View School is at the centre of the allegations. Joe Giddens/PA

Ofsted’s future at stake after Trojan Horse scandal

The recent furore around the so-called Trojan Horse plot, which has seen 25 Birmingham schools being investigated over fears of a takeover by radical Muslims, raises wider issues for the already beleaguered…
Amid the constant debate about Religious Instruction in schools, what does the law say?

Explainer: what the law says about Religious Instruction in schools

In recent weeks the issue of the religious content of Australian education has been hotly debated. Last week The Age reported the latest development. Principals in several Victorian state schools had ceased…
Are government schools the place to proselytise? Adrian Rotolo/Flickr

It’s time to expel religious extremism from schools

Some Victorian principals have taken the decision to axe religious instruction (RI) from their schools. Many believe this move is long-overdue and should be replicated nationwide. Over the past few years…

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