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‘Trucked Off to Brewarrina Mission’, Wanaaring 1938. 1 of 6 images by May Hunt. Photo first published in the New Dawn, January 1974. Originally incorrectly attributed to Ron Riley. This was included in the ‘Looking Through Windows’ exhibition courtesy of Harold Hunt and family.

An Ode To My Grandmother: remaking the past using oral histories, theatre and music

Indigenous oral history is more than a methodology. It is living history, practised for thousands of millennia, intrinsically woven into Aboriginal people’s way of life and culture.
Giovanni Bellini, Young Woman at Her Toilette. Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

Remaking history: how we are recreating Renaissance beauty recipes in the modern chemistry lab

To ‘make a beautiful face’, according to one 16th century recipe, you should take rosemary flowers and boil them with white wine.

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