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India’s sterilisation programme focuses on women. EPA/STR

Inside India’s sterilisation camps

A sterilisation camp held in Chhattisgarh, an impoverished state in central India, has claimed the lives of 13 women, most of whom were young and marginalised. The women, who died within hours of the procedure…
I’ll have a clean cage with a side of fertility issues. Mouse image via

Common disinfectants impair mouse fertility

Mice possess a notable talent: they are excellent at making more mice. Their ability to reproduce at a breakneck pace is one reason they are often used as experimental research subjects. Thus, when Dr…
Three person IVF will prevent mitochondrial disease. Sukharevskyy Dmytro/Shutterstock

The ethics of three-person IVF

The UK parliament will soon consider making Britain the first country to allow three person IVF. The regulations are yet to be approved, but the government is currently backing moves to allow the creation…

Light pollution upsets breeding lemurs

Light pollution disrupts the natural reproductive cycle of lemurs a new study has found. Male lemurs are sexually inactive…
Male orb-web spiders are dwarfed by their female counterparts, but they can maximise success if they don’t mate indiscriminately. Brian Gratwicke/Flickr

Tiny male spiders can get a leg over – as long as they’re picky

Males will mate with anything. Well, that is the general view, one that exists because of a simple biological underpinning: females are reproductively limited by costly gestation, while males are only…

Musky goat aroma fires up female brains

An aroma given off by male goats activates reproductive brain regions in their female counterparts. The study is the first…
After mating, all male Antechinus die … but why? badoo_tealeaf

Doing it to death: suicidal sex in ‘marsupial mice’

Imagine if you only had one shot at passing on your genes before you died. It happens more often in the natural world than you might expect: suicidal reproduction - where one or both sexes of a species…

Piercing genitals: good for species diversity

Two species of Tahitian plant insects, known for their traumatic insemination mating system, may be responsible for today’s…
Debate continues over how dinosaurs did the deed. Miroslav Petrasko (

Big bang theory: how did dinosaurs have sex?

Dinosaurs were the largest animals to ever walk Earth, and they ruled the planet for more than 160 million years. The long-necked Argentinosaurus, with back vertebrae almost two metres high, possibly grew…
New research suggests that seeds could now be formed without the biological process of fertilisation. CIMMYT

Seeds without sex – some racy findings on the cloning of plants

Sex without seed. Seed without sex. It’s been said that the greatest gift of science to humankind would be achieving those two goals. Effective contraceptives such as the pill have pretty much nailed the…
Researchers applied sunblock to the plumage of female blue tits to see how males reacted. Marko_K

Blue beauty: why male tits work harder for attractive partners

Rearing young is a costly business that often affects an individual’s own future survival or reproduction prospects. And so it makes sense for individuals to find ways to ensure the energy they spend on…

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