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A demonstration in Dublin following the death of Savita Halappanavar. AAP

Systematic failure and grey areas: abortion in Ireland

Savitia Halappanavar was a symbol of all that is positive about cultural diversity in Ireland. A young Indian Hindu, she had embraced Irish culture, partaking in St Patrick’s day festivities and playing…
If you’re at low risk of cancer, the pill is unlikely to place you at higher risk. Flickr/BeppieK

Monday’s medical myth: the pill increases your risk of cancer

Millions of women around the world have used the combined oestrogen and progestogen oral contraceptive pill to protect themselves from pregnancy for more than fifty years. The overall risk of reproductive-aged…
Researchers say women may be able to prolong their fertility in future by having an ovarian tissue transplant. bronx

Slowing the biological clock won’t solve family planning dilemmas

In future, women could remain fertile for longer by undergoing an ovarian tissue transplant, according to paper published this week by American and Danish researchers. The Reproductive Biomedicine paper…

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