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Gump, who died in May, was the last known member of her species. Director of National Parks/Supplied

Vale ‘Gump’, the last known Christmas Island Forest Skink

Among the most haunting and evocative images of Australian wildlife are the black and white photographs of the last Thylacine, languishing alone in Hobart Zoo. It’s an extraordinary reminder of how close…

Crocs are smarter than you think

Crocodiles use strategic moves to lure their prey according to new research by The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. The…
There is only one Christmas Island Forest Skink left on Earth. Hal Cogger

Australian endangered species: Christmas Island Forest Skink

Gump has lived a cossetted life, nurtured in a cage on Christmas Island. Until last year, she had two acquaintances, but misadventure claimed them both. Now there is only Gump. She’s the last known individual…
Fun fact: geckos don’t have eyelids, so they have to lick clean their eyes. UQ Media & Conrad Hoskin

Australian endangered species: Gulbaru Gecko

You may not have heard of the Gulbaru Gecko but you’d love it if you met it. Ancient and spectacular, this endangered gecko has one of the smallest distributions of any Australian animal. Australia is…
The Retro Slider - the best-named reptile in Australia? Eric Vanderduys

Australian endangered species: Retro Slider

When asked to name an Australian lizard, most Australians would probably pick the familiar blue-tongue, stumpy lizard or bearded dragon, or perhaps the iconic thorny devil, frill-neck lizard or a goanna…
It’s a relief to lizards and scientists that new hands-off methods are making their way into herpetology. Kaptain Kobold/Flickr

New gadgets are opening windows on reptiles

You have probably heard someone utter the cliché “I grew up in a different era”. Compared to today, my youth was technologically anorexic. It was a time where you would never be told “Please turn off your…

Bigger doesn’t always mean faster

Larger animals with longer legs aren’t always the fastest when sprinting, but then neither are smaller animals. Researchers…

Forget horsepower, try alligators

Alligator fat could be a key component in future biofuel production due to its high lipid content. The alligator meat processing…

Lizards not so dumb after all

Puerto Rican anoles have challenged the scientific stereotype that reptiles have limited cognitive abilities, passing a test…

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