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The French submarine, Shortfin Barracuda, designed by the DCNS group, to be the design base for Australia’s new fleet. AAP Image/DCNS Group

What do we want from Australia’s new submarines?

Australia’s new submarine fleet will be designed for a range of different missions in our challenging maritime environment.
Crewed submarines like the HMAS Rankin might become a thing of the past. United States Navy, Photographer's Mate 1st Class David A. Levy

Could robot submarines replace the ageing Collins class?

Autonomous submarines might do for naval warfare what drones are doing for air warfare. So should Australia consider autonomous subs as a replacement for the Collins class?
There are operational naval reasons behind Scott Morrison’s decision to put asylum seeker arrivals and ‘turn backs’ behind a shroud of secrecy. AAP/Scott Fisher

Should operations to turn the boats around be kept secret?

Acting opposition leader Chris Bowen said in a doorstop interview earlier this week that: There is absolutely no operational reason for the new minister of immigration not to be up front with the Australian…

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