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Delegates at this week’s marine science conference in Fremantle take a plastic-free coffee break. Alicia Sutton/AMSA

We organised a conference for 570 people without using plastic. Here’s how it went

This year’s national conference of the Australian Marine Science Association is a plastic-free zone, as marine scientists aim to reduce the environmental burden of throwaway plastic.
A major Victorian company has had to stop accepting recycling. TRACEY NEARMY/AAP

The ‘recycling crisis’ may be here to stay

China’s refusal to take Australia’s rubbish has started to bite, and it’s clear we’re not ready to deal with the consequences.
Migrant workers break apart blocks of pressed plastic bottles at a recycling plant in Thailand. EPA/DIEGO AZUBEL

Here’s what happens to our plastic recycling when it goes offshore

Since China stopped accepting Australia’s recyclable plastic, the majority of exported plastic waste is now going to developing nations in South East Asia.

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