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A display used to educate the public on rubella vaccination and the mother-to-fetus transmission of this virus. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention via Public Health Image Library

In Zika, echoes of US rubella outbreak of 1964-65

Though separated by time and place, there are surprising similarities in the the social issues raised by the rubella outbreak of 1964-65 and the recent Zika outbreak in South America.
An Ethiopian boy receives a polio vaccination. Africa has done well with polio eradication but lags behind other vaccination efforts. Unicef Ethiopia/2013/Sewunet

African leaders step up to the plate to narrow immunisation gaps

Every year hundreds of thousands of children die from vaccine-preventable diseases. Africa leaders could change this if they improved vaccination efforts.
Mind the gap: Japanese school girls were covered but not the boys. Flickr/thecrypt

Vaccination gaps led to rubella outbreaks in Japan and Poland

Recent rubella outbreaks in Japan and Poland are the clearest evidence possible that herd immunity matters. There are many reasons why people don’t get vaccinated for totally preventable diseases such…

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