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Fire zone: bushland ablaze in the Perth Hills. AAP

Bushfires: rural residents are the solution, not the problem

The return of heatwaves and bushfires to the news pages has brought fresh warnings that Australians who live in fire-prone zones still don’t fully understand the risk they are running. Deadly fires in…
You can wait a long time for a postman to show up in the country. amandabhslater

Small businesses think smart to keep up with Amazon drones

The biggest names in internet retail appear to be dramatically stepping up efforts to make delivering your online orders, fast, reliable and extremely hi-tech. But in a week in which Amazon talked up its…
Workers fly in and out of mines like this one in the Pilbara, bringing financial security but anxiety to their local communities. AAP/Rebecca Le May

Fly-in fly-out worth the pain, for some: study

The high profile phenomenon of fly-in fly-out workers has gained widespread attention as a unique social phenomenon since the start of the mineral boom – and it has major implications for the well-being…
Has Charles good points to make about the countryside, or is he just stirring it up? Ben Birchall/PA

Charles: the future king with retro-vision

In this week’s Country Life HRH Prince of Wales writes of the social and economic importance of farming. It is, he says: the bedrock of our rural communities, making post offices, pubs, public transport…
The BT van is taking its sweet time and some are tired of waiting. Loopzilla

Disused loos and elbow grease break BT broadband monopoly

While broadband internet services get faster and faster for some, there are communities in the UK that are not fully benefiting from the technology. It has recently become clear that many communities in…
Still waiting to load the hamster dance… Scorpians and Centaurs

Out of town, out of the loop: rural areas need broadband

The National Audit Office has warned that the government is two years behind schedule in its plan to bring broadband to 44 rural areas by 2015. It now looks like only nine of these areas will be linked…
Seatbelts have long been mandatory in cars, so why are there still school buses without them? Seatbelt image from

A national disgrace: all school buses need seatbelts

The NSW School Bus Safety Community Advisory Committee made a major recommendation in its report released this week that seatbelts should be installed on all rural school buses that operate outside lower-speed…

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