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Around 40% of farmers who died by suicide had accessed some type of professional mental health service. AAP

Farmer suicide isn’t just a mental health issue

They toiled and they fought through the shame of it - Through wilderness, flood, and drought… …The miseries suffered, unvoiced, unknown - And that’s how the land was won. Henry Lawson’s characterisations…
We need to rethink how we provide health services in rural areas. Alan Levine

Health care in rural areas: the answer is not more of the same

The recent report of the Senate Inquiry into rural health services gave tantalising glimpses of how the future of rural health services should be. But its central theme is not new. The persistent and consistent…
FIFO sex workers shouldn’t be blamed for rising rates of HIV and STIs. High heel image from

Mining, sex work and STIs: why force a connection?

Can the mining boom be blamed for the rising rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in some states? The Australian Medical Association thinks so, with its Queensland president Dr Richard Kidd…
Better treatment for depression will reduce suicide rates, experts say. Flickr/aouniat

Decline in young male suicide hides rise in remote areas

A sharp decline in the overall suicide rate among young Australian men has masked a rise in remote areas and low socioeconomic…
Vulnerable people and places are worst affected by weather-related disasters, especially those most reliant on the land. Chaim Zvi

Disasters and mental health in rural and remote areas

Mental health problems cause profound suffering and are worthy of attention for that reason alone. But despite policy and service reform, such problems remain as common, expensive and disabling as they…
Current strategies to increase the number of Australian trained medical graduates entering rural practice are not working. Paul Hocksenar

We need new ways to get more doctors into country practice

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) is urging the government to consider the establishment of new medical schools in rural and regional areas to boost the number of doctors in the countryside. The…

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