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It’s been a tough year for Birmingham’s schools. Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Trojan Horse ‘plot’ exposed a fragmented education system

Any review of 2014 in education must examine a Trojan Horse bearing “British values”. The scandal that broke in April centred on the investigation of 21 Birmingham schools suspected of being involved in…
How do you measure the value of a charter school? Reuters/Lee Celano

Making sense of the evidence on charter school test scores

Imagine a police officer pulls you over and tickets you for speeding. She tells you she measured you going 50.5 MPH in a 50 MPH zone. No, you reply, my speedometer shows that I was going exactly 49.5…
The Victorian government has expressed a desire to give parents councils more power in schools, but are parents experts in education? AAP

Do parents know what’s best for schools?

Victorian Education Minister Martin Dixon seems convinced that the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission’s report, Making the Grade: Autonomy and Accountability in Victorian Schools, proves that…
Reach Academy in Feltham. Research is beginning to look at the impact of academy reforms. Steve Parsons/PA Archive

The information war raging within the academies revolution

All schools in England have a considerable and increasing degree of autonomy over their budgets. Academies have more autonomy than those state schools still under local authority control over how they…
Hold on to your seats, it’s academy time! Matt Cardy/PA Archive

‘4,000 down, 20,000 to go’ – the academies drive gathers pace

It was early and still quiet as I meandered around the recent Academies Show in London. Jars of promotional pens and key chains were lined up, while two young people in smocks painted the words “innovation…
Education minister Christopher Pyne makes ‘school autonomy’ sound great, but what are the benefits for students?

Why the push for greater school autonomy, and what does it mean for schools?

Federal education minister Christopher Pyne has announced a scheme to make Australian schools “more autonomous”. Amid the fanfare of the announcement there was little detail except the hope that by 2017…

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