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Food literacy includes understanding where food comes from and knowing how to plan, select, prepare and eat healthy meals. (Shutterstock)

School gardens and kitchens could grow with Ontario’s proposed food literacy act

Ontario’s proposed Food Literacy Act for Students, a first in Canada, would mean students in grades 1-12 have opportunities to grow food and prepare food and learn about local foods.
Time spent weeding, potting and pruning can be as good for the gardener as it is for the garden. Image from

The science is in: gardening is good for you

A growing body of research literature suggests time spent gardening is as good for the gardener as it is for the garden.

Do kids who grow kale eat kale?

School garden projects are becoming hugely popular. Over 25 percent of public elementary schools include garden-based learning. Do these gardens improve the education and health of young people?

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