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Cramming does’t help you retain information, so the effect of a long night on the books may not be for much. from

Revising for exams - why cramming the night before rarely works

An intense night of study won’t help you remember information in the long-term – and the stress of revising under pressure will likely impact on your sleep and thus your exam performance.
Research shows that the test error is too high in NAPLAN. from

NAPLAN data is not comparable across school years

It is not reasonable for politicians to say NAPLAN results have plateaued, because comparisons from year to year are not reliably accurate.
How much emphasis should we place on ATAR scores? from

Year 12 results day: does the ATAR actually matter that much?

The ATAR is being used less and less as the sole measure that universities use to select students. It’s time to question its value and the pressure it puts on students in year 12.
Adolescents are losing up to an hour of sleep a night more then they did ten years ago. Ed Yourdon/Flickr

Delay school start times to help young people catch up on sleep

Adolescents are getting less sleep even though they’re at a stage in life when they may need it most. Why not delay school starting times so they can catch up on some shuteye?
Not all kids do well at school, and it’s not their fault. Shutterstock

Why don’t all kids do well at school?

The new school year has just begun. Parents may be feeling nervous about sending their children off to school. What if they don’t like school? What if school doesn’t like them? What if they don’t do well…
Children who are engaged at school are more likely to go on to a professional, semi-professional or managerial career. Image from

School engagement predicts success later in life

Children’s interest and engagement in school influences their prospects of educational and occupational success 20 years later, over and above their academic attainment and socioeconomic background, researchers…
Prime Minister Julia Gillard wants Australia to improve its international standing in education performance, setting a goal to be in the top 5 by 2025. AAP

New reports sound alarm on school performance: experts respond

Two new education performance reports released by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) have painted a bleak picture of Australia’s student literacy and science and mathematics achievement…

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