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Tooth Hill Camp, 1918. JB Winterburn. Source George Pascoe, 1918

How I found the lost desert camp of Lawrence of Arabia

A fantastic coincidence, coupled with research, led to my discovery of a wartime camp in the Jordan desert that was occupied in 1918. This was a camp used by T E Lawrence, or “Lawrence of Arabia”, and…
Forest elephants keeping us on our toes. Stephanie Schuttler

Scientists at work: blood, sweat, tears and elephant dung

Much to my excitement, my PhD research was recently published in PLOS ONE. I was studying African forest elephants that live in the dense forests of Central and West Africa to learn more about this understudied…
Life on Mars won’t be boring. Kai Staats

Scientists at work: living on a simulated Mars

According to Martin Rees, the Astronomer Royal, establishing a permanent presence beyond Earth is the first step humans will take towards the “divergence into a new species”. Plans to visit and even colonise…

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