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Now, naw means no. Liz Smith

Scotland Decided: experts react to No vote

In its independence referendum, Scotland voted to remain in the United Kingdom by 55-45%. Our panel looks at what happened, and where it leaves the UK and Scotland. Neil Blain, Professor of Communications…
Despite the urging ‘Let’s do this’, it will be entirely in character for Scots to wake up tomorrow and mourn the fact that they didn’t. EPA/Robert Perry

This Scot tips an agonising ‘no’ befitting a melancholy nationalism

On Friday morning, I, an expatriate “British Scot”, could wake up to find that I have lost my identity. Because today Scottish voters might decide that a United Kingdom that includes Scotland ought no…
Now, where to put my cross? Cx1uk

Scotland’s referendum: can we trust the polls?

Opinion polls can have a profound influence on the atmosphere of a campaign. If they suggest that one side is well ahead, the media loses interest. The politicians get less space and perhaps airtime, while…
UK Culture Secretary Maria Miller threatens BBC retreat if Scotland votes ‘yes’ Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Never mind the BBC leaving Scotland – do Scots still want it?

When culture secretary, Maria Miller, said a Yes vote by Scotland would entail the departure of the BBC, it reignited the debate about its future in an independent Scotland, and also its value north of…
Fair fa’ your honest, sonsie face. Wikimedia Commons

A Robert Burns is for life, not just for 25 January

On 25 January, people all over the world will congregate to feast upon a spicy sheep’s stomach – but not before they’ve recited a poem in its honour. The occasion is Burns Night, the poem is Robert Burns’s…

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