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The SEC is going after one of the world’s largest hedge funds in a civil suit. But will the action act as a deterrent against insider trading? Image from

A hedge on the edge: SAC Capital’s insider trading scandal

After causing the collapse of the Galleon Group hedge fund in 2009, insider trading enforcements have once again shaken the hedge fund industry. Late last week, the US Securities and Exchange Commission…
In a blistering speech to the Banking Committee, Senator Elizabeth Warren exposed profound weaknesses in the US' current system of financial regulation. Flickr\mdfriendofhillary

Bankers left reeling as Senator Elizabeth Warren grills financial regulators

It was an artful if devastating performance. In just seven minutes, Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts signaled the arrival of what appears destined to be a powerful force on Capitol Hill. At…
The US has taken action against the use of conflict minerals, but Australia is yet to follow suit. AAP

Australia needs to act on conflict minerals

Last month, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), responsible for regulating capital markets, ruled in favour of laws prohibiting the use of “conflict minerals”. The new regulations have set…
The US Securities and Exchange Commission has become involved in the fight against the use of “conflict minerals” from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Exploitation of its vast resources has been at the centre of the country’s decades-long conflict. AAP

SEC takes on humanitarian role over Congo’s ‘conflict’ minerals

The US capital markets regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission, has voted in favour of what has widely become known as the “conflict minerals” ruling. Aimed at reducing the illegal trade in resources…

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