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Celebrate neighbourhood re-use! (But try not to stock up on clutter…) Steve Taylor

Want to be a sustainable consumer? Get to a garage sale

Garage sales have long been a fixture of Australian suburban culture, with people selling their unwanted things in their yard or garage, usually at token or negotiable prices. In the past, sales were usually…
Take the offer: sharing cuts waste and builds communities but we have our reasons for not always being comfortable with it. Flickr/Zervas

Sharing: if it’s so good, why don’t we do more of it?

Sharing is a good thing right? We are told it is good for the environment by cutting waste and needless consumption; we encourage it in our children for their moral growth; we see it used in advertising…
Is children’s tendency to share the spoils of their collaboration due to our hunting and gathering past? theloushe

To share is human, to collaborate divine

One glance at our species can give the impression that we’re conniving, selfish and pretty greedy. But look at other species and you’ll get a broader perspective: compared to other animals, people are…

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