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A man casts his vote at a polling station in Freetown during the 2018 general elections. Issouf Sanogo/AFP via Getty Images

Sierra Leone elections: survey reveals what voters care about most

Economic management, food shortages, health services, infrastructure and education are key issues that may shape how Sierra Leoneans vote on 24 June.
President Joe Biden delivers remarks at the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington on Dec. 15, 2022. Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images News via Getty Images

Africa is getting renewed attention from Washington — and some African states are courting African Americans

As the United States government builds economic and security ties with African countries, some of those countries are encouraging African Americans to establish social and economic ties in Africa.
Russian President Vladimir Putin is shown in Moscow in March 2022, shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine. Mikhaul Klimentyev/Sputnik/AFP via Getty Images

Putin may not outrun the warrant for his arrest – history shows that several leaders on the run eventually face charges in court

The International Criminal Court announced an arrest warrant for Putin and his children’s rights commissioner in March 2023, alleging the illegal abduction and deportation of Ukrainian children.

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