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Good news for those who like a weekend sleep-in: lost sleep can be recovered. Image from

Explainer: can you pay off your ‘sleep debt’?

Ever have those moments on weekends or public holidays when you wake at your usual time, then realise there’s no pressing need to get up? If you go back for another couple of hours of shut-eye and use…
The majority of people who have obstructive sleep apnoea are unaware they have the disorder. Image from

Explainer: what is obstructive sleep apnoea?

Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is a common sleep-related breathing disorder, where the upper airway repeatedly collapses during sleep. During an obstructive breathing event, someone with OSA continues…

Snoring itself does not increase death risk

Snoring itself, without the more serious sleep apnea disorder, does not increase mortality or cardiovascular disease. A world-first…
Sleeping pills aren’t the answer to sleep on demand. Drake Guan

Explainer: insomnia, pills and the pursuit of sleep

Insomnia is far from a modern concept, with sleep remedies such as opioids, chamomile and valerian root recorded in the earliest existing medical writings. The word insomnia itself dates back to at least…
Between 10% and 45% of children have one or more sleep problems. Jack French

Explainer: childhood sleep disorders

Any parent will tell you the meaning of the saying “slept like a baby” is completely opposite to reality. Thankfully, many parents succeed in establishing a routine to their baby’s initial erratic sleep…
You might not be getting enough shut-eye (and you may not even know it). orangeacid

Dream appzzz: can the iPhone help you sleep?

Sleep matters – and yet many of us know how difficult it can be to get enough unbroken slumber. Research has shown that getting less than seven to eight hours’ sleep daily is associated with increased…
Dreamless hungers: chronic fatigue is associated not only with emotional volatility but with craving fatty and high-sugar foods. Flickr/Runs With Scissors.

Lack of sleep making police a risk to themselves and the community

Widespread sleep deprivation is driving police into rage, danger, and incompetence, with chronically fatigued officers self-reporting…

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