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Australian manufacturing outliers demonstrate the need to invest in technology and management.

Australian industry can learn from its manufacturing ‘outliers’

Australia’s manufacturing industry is in decline. Yet some businesses are managing to buck the trend. The question is what do these “outliers” do differently from their competitors? And what does each…
The changing nature of the workforce means parental leave is increasingly important. AAP/Tracey Nearmy

Small business gets flexible to retain quality workers

Small businesses that invest in paid parental leave and other work-life balance programs are more likely to retain quality employees, a survey has found. Charles Sturt University’s Stacey Jenkins looked…
Julia Gillard’s announcement of a federal small business commissioner indicates a welcome interest in the sector, but its role is still undefined. AAP

Small business finally has a national profile, but will it have the power?

Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s decision to appoint a Federal Small Business Commissioner is a welcome move that signals an increasing interest in small business. But what exactly should a new commissioner…

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