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Project-based learning gets kids to explore natural phenomena and solve real-world problems. Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Project-based learning deepens science knowledge for 3rd graders in Michigan

Students who took part in the program scored 8% higher on the state science test than students who received traditional instruction, and demonstrated greater social and emotional learning.
Not only do bees display collective intelligence, they are also flexible when it comes to making group decisions. Shutterstock

What smart bees can teach humans about collective intelligence

Humans are social animals who like to communicate and copy each other. But key to this collective intelligence is flexibility and a little non-conformity.
There goes the anterior cingulate cortex. Maths teaching via CristinaMuraca/Shutterstock

What goes on in teachers’ brains as they help students to learn

Humans spend an enormous amount of time and effort thinking about other people. Like primates, birds and even ants, we often learn skills and information from others. In the past, research has extensively…

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