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South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill and SA Best leader Nick Xenophon provided different narratives about youth populations in the state. AAP Images/Morgan Sette

FactCheck: is South Australia’s youth population rising or falling?

In a South Australian leaders’ debate, Jay Weatherill and Nick Xenophon disagreed over the extent to which young people are leaving the state in search of better opportunities. We asked the experts.
Nick Xenophon is a tough dealmaker who demands concessions in return for his crucial numbers. AAP/David Mariuz

Nick Xenophon set to go back to where he came from

Nick Xenophon, the master of the stunt, is about to indulge in one more before he leaves the Senate for a run at ruling the South Australian roost from its crossbench. After his shock announcement that…
SA energy minister Tom Koutsantonis (left) and Premier Jay Weatherill have outlined their vision for the state’s electricity. AAP Image/David Mariuz

South Australia’s energy plan gives national regulators another headache

South Australia is investing $550 million in a plan to improve the reliability of its electricity. But the side-effect is that the National Electricity Market will now be even harder to run.
South Australia’s proposed anti-bikie laws criminalise the wearing of anything that indicates association with a declared ‘criminal organisation’ on licensed premises. AAP/Eric Sands

Queensland holds lessons for states set to crack down on bikies

While South Australia’s proposed anti-bikie laws may be constitutional, there are clear reasons why introducing them is at best premature – and at worst a very bad idea.
In joining the South Australian government, Martin Hamilton-Smith has caused outrage in a political system in which party loyalty outweighs all other considerations . AAP/Ben Macmahon

Political loyalty, splits and rats: the case of Martin Hamilton-Smith

The defection of former Liberal leader Martin Hamilton-Smith from his party to join the South Australian Labor government as a cabinet minister has caused outrage among his former colleagues. He has broken…
After over a decade in office, it appears time’s up for the Jay Weatherill-led Labor state government in South Australia. AAP/Alan Porritt

South Australian election: Labor set to slide out of office

South Australian voters look set to hand power to the Liberal Party when they go to the polls on March 15. An assessment of the electorate’s mood and opinion polls over the past 12 months point to a comfortable…
BHP has blamed capital costs and market conditions for its decision to delay expansion of the Olympic Dam project. AAP Image/BHP

Olympic Dam delay is not the end of the world for South Australia

The prospect of a four kilometre long and one kilometre deep open pit mine captures the imagination. Think about a chasm as deep as Mount Everest is high. It was going to take years to remove the overburden…

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