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Let the real negotiations begin. Olivier Hoslet/EPA

Brexit: views from around Europe on future relationship between UK and EU

As the divorce part of the Brexit negotiations approach their endgame, attention is turning to the future relationship between the UK and EU. The view from EU capitals.
Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez poses with his new cabinet, which has more women than men. AP Photo/Francisco Seco

Spain’s majority-female cabinet embodies women’s global rise to power

Once women gain access to the highest political ranks, their numbers continue to grow, a new study shows. Their presence lays a ‘concrete floor’ of inclusion for future governments to build on.
The “Don Quixote” windmills in Consuegra, Spain. They were made famous by the novel in the 16th century. Wikimedia Commons

Guide to the classics: Don Quixote, the world’s first modern novel – and one of the best

Completed by Cervantes when he was in prison, Don Quixote is the tale of a man so passionate about reading he leaves home to live the life of his fictional heroes.

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