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Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre rises during Question Period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in March 2023. THE CANADIAN PRESS/ Patrick Doyle

Is Pierre Poilievre deliberately muddying the waters on the CBC’s Twitter label?

Pierre Poilievre is right that Canadians should be shielded from disinformation. But they should also be wary of politicians misleading them on the impartiality and independence of Crown corporations.
Chinese outlets that once relayed cautious optimism over Donald Trump’s deal-making abilities now express exasperation over his chaotic style. Greg Baker/AFP via Getty Images

Russian media may be joining China and Iran in turning on Trump

In 2016, America’s adversaries seemed to cheer electoral chaos and a withering faith in democracy. Now they seem to be hoping democracy can topple a leader they’ve grown loathe to deal with.
When protesters took to the streets in Hong Kong, China’s state media had several tactics for how to describe it: some outlets ignored it, while others railed against ‘extremists’. Jerome Favre/AAP

Extremist mobs? How China’s propaganda machine tried to control the message in the Hong Kong protests

Pro-Beijing media used different messages to target specific audiences inside and outside China during the Hong Kong protests, but each had the same goal – putting the right spin on the news.

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