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Articles on Stem cell research

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A legislative review committee has recommended scientists continue to be allowed to use stem cells in licensed research projects. Flickr/BW Jones

Scientists welcome move to uphold current stem cell laws

Human embryo stem cell research should be allowed to continue in accordance with existing rules, a legislative review committee…
Heart attacks damage important muscles but now scientists think that a special protein can awaken the stem cells that grow new muscles. Flickr

Fixing a broken heart with stem cells

Vital heart muscles damaged during cardio arrest can be replaced by stem cells within the organ with the help of a special protein, scientists have discovered. Heart attacks cause dangerous damage to muscle…
Dialysis is one of the only currently available treatments for kidney disease. AAP

Why stem cells have a stake in kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a significant and growing global public health problem. But the creation of a new type of stem cell offers new hope for therapies and drugs for this worldwide problem. In…

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