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Artist’s rendition of a concentration of small black holes in the centre of the galaxy NGC 6397. ESA/Hubble, N. Bartmann.

How could we detect atom-sized primordial black holes?

Black holes can have a mass equivalent to that of millions of suns. Other, smaller, black holes can combine the mass of Mount Everest into the size of an atom.
Dr. Who used the this time machine, called the TARDIS, to travel through space and time on the BBC television show Dr. Who. Babbel1996 / Wikimedia Commons

Time travel is possible – but only if you have an object with infinite mass

Who wouldn’t want to travel in time, glimpsing the dinosaurs or peeking at humans 2,000 years from now? Now physicists have designed a time machine that seems deceptively simple.
A computer-generated voice was essential to Hawking’s participation in the world around him. AP Photo/John Raoux

Stephen Hawking as accidental ambassador for assistive technologies

You can probably hear Hawking’s famously computer-generated voice in your head. His example showed tech as a tool that enables people with disabilities to fully participate in and contribute to the world.

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