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Investing is pretty much what you make of it. You can go fast and risk it all, or go slow and make those investments that pay off in the long run. (Shutterstock)

Young investors: Here’s some tips for getting into the market

Just got your first paycheck, or saved a tidy sum from your first job? You might be thinking about how to invest your money. Here are some of the things you should think about.
PR Handout Image Morrow Sodali PR/AAP

What’s an initial public offering?

Guzman y Gomez is listing on the Australian Stock Exchange. What exactly does this mean, and how might it help them sell more burritos?
After a mistake, people may try to correct the error with an intentional wrong judgment, this time in favor of the previously wronged party. Ed Zurga/Getty Images Sport via Getty Images

Two wrongs trying to make a right – makeup calls are common for MLB umpires, financial analysts and probably you

Erroneous calls increase the chances of subsequent calls in favor of the person who was harmed. What drives this behavior, and do people even recognize they’re doing it?
Gordon Gekko of ‘Wall Street’ may be the fictional face of insider trading. Ilona Gaynor/flickr

What’s insider trading and why it’s a big problem

A bipartisan group of US lawmakers is pushing for a ban on active trading by members of Congress following accusations that some of their colleagues may have engaged in insider trading.
Men are still sitting pretty when it comes to pay in the workplace. iStock/Getty Images

The gender pay gap that no one is paying attention to

Equity-based awards can form a large part of an employee’s overall pay. A new report shines a light on how women are being left behind when it comes to stocks and options.

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