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What should government and students contribute towards university degrees? from

Federal election 2016: higher education policies to watch out for

Increasing the amount that students pay towards their degree is likely to be on the cards of higher education in this year’s election.
Part-time student enrolments have massively fallen across the UK. unonottingham

Enrolments slide further for ‘forgotten’ part-time undergraduates

We were told that the 2012 changes to England’s student funding system would boost the number of part-time students at university. But new data released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency confirm…
Universities aren’t immune from ‘pseudo-events’ but it’s short-term thinking for student recruitment. Graduates via michaeljung/shutterstock

University branding need not be so brash – subtlety works just as well in marketing

Many years ago, I asked an MBA student from far beyond these shores if people in his country understood that he was studying at a post-1992 university rather than the much older and more prestigious one…

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