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You have nothing to hide – but does that mean you have nothing to worry about? JasonDGreat

Nine reasons you should care about NSA’s PRISM surveillance

In the wake of former CIA employee Edward Snowden’s revelations of the PRISM NSA mass surveillance, people are once again asking why the general public should care if they’ve got nothing to hide. “Nothing…
Help was at hand after the Boston bombing – but was it needed? Georgi Licovski/EPA

Did citizen sleuths give the FBI a run for its money in Boston? No

Citizen sleuths were out in numbers (or holed up inside, frantically tweeting) after last week’s Boston Marathon bombings. Alongside the drip-drip from mainstream media and the trickle of information from…
The FBI has released images of suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings. AAP Image/FBI

Boston bombing: desperately seeking faces in the crowd

The FBI has released photos and CCTV footage of the two men considered suspects in this week’s Boston bombing, and has appealed to the public to help identify them. Both are young men, wearing baseball…
The rise in CCTV means many of us are under near constant observation, a trend that will only be exacerbated by the rise of drones. Flickr/ogglog

Brave new world: drones and the law

In the late 1970s I found myself wandering the mostly deserted streets of East Berlin, having successfully negotiated Checkpoint Charlie and a horde of East German border guards. I remember commenting…
Your movements online are of great value and interest to many people – you just don’t know what they plan to do with it. Norma Desmond

Living in Orwell’s world: how to disappear completely online

Your friend Kate answers the phone. You remind her you’re meeting at 10am tomorrow for breakfast. You tell her your fractured wrist is healing but the doctor said there’s still some way to go. Your mum’s…
Australian law needs to catch up with technology which means we can be watched at any time. Flickr/Esther Gibbons

Why privacy laws should not be a game of roulette

Watching other people is human. It’s why TV shows like Big Brother, and paparazzi magazines flourish. But while some people choose to expose private moments, others do not. And Australian law doesn’t always…
Your Facebook snaps now come with a hidden catch. rishibando

Facebook and facial recognition – you’ve been tagged

Around 2 million photographs are uploaded to Facebook each day. As of this week, every new image will be processed by automatic face recognition software, designed to identify the people in the photographs…

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