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Larger-than-life advertising is nothing new for our cities – this billboard is at the corner of Flinders and Elizabeth streets in Melbourne. jadecraven/Shutterstock

Selling out the city to advertising? Nothing new to see here

Both Melbourne and Sydney have been embroiled in controversy over advertising that dominates public space, but the debate isn’t new. In fact, it’s almost as old as our cities.
Alan Jones’ media bosses need to set some standards and the politicians who listen to him need to show some spine. AAP/Joel Carrett

View from The Hill: The uncivil Mr Jones

The furore over whether the Sydney Opera House should be used as a billboard is one thing, but the bigger issue is Alan Jones’ bullying behaviour and the NSW government caving in to it,
Peter Coleman-Wright and Merlyn Quaife during a dress rehearsal of Bliss in 2010: it is one of few important local operas over the past three decades to have been staged a second time. Tracey Nearmy/AAP

Friday essay: where is the Great Australian Opera?

Australian operas have been written about many pressing topics - from the Stolen Generations to the Lindy Chamberlain case - but few have been staged a second time. What is going wrong?
The opera house is raised on a terraced platform, away from the shore like an island amphitheatre. Terence Wong from

Why the Sydney Opera House is a little overcooked

Construction should have stopped once the roofs were erected. Any citizen could then have walked up to the terraced amphitheatre, sat down and gazed back at the country from this shrine to the nation.
Design for upgrades to the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall. Courtesy Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House upgrade deserves a single guiding vision

The Sydney Opera House is getting an A $200 million upgrade. It’s a chance to rectify some glaring faults, but in our risk-averse times, the outcome will be decided by committees.
In All the Sex I’ve Ever Had six Sydneysiders over 60 talk frankly about love, life and everything in between. Prudence Upton

Sydney Festival review: All the Sex I’ve Ever Had

There is something a little anxiety-inducing about knowingly walking into a closed theatre in which we will have no choice but to listen to the over-60s talk about their sex lives.
The iconic House is being used for postmodern public financing. Quentin Jones/AAP image

Shelling out for tiles at the Sydney Opera House

Want to help raise the roof on one of Australia’s most iconic assets? Look no further than the Sydney Opera House’s latest public appeal, Own Our House, which launches today. The Sydney Opera House is…
The Sydney Opera House is not the only cultural institution celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2013. AAP Image/Quentin Jones

40 years on: how Gough Whitlam gave Indigenous art a boost

As you’ve no doubt noticed, celebrations are underway to mark the 40th anniversary of the Sydney Opera House – and that’s as it should be. But this year marks a few other “40ths” that have had a tremendous…

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