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Rebecca Vaughn brings to life 14 of Jane Austen’s characters over the space of an hour. Dyad Productions

Review: Jane Austen’s women have been done a disservice

Fourteen of Jane Austen's female characters – witty or ridiculous, selfish or avaricious – are presented in the astonishing show, Austen's Women. But her graver, more nuanced creations and stern but comic moralism fail to materialise.
Evie Wyld, author of All The Birds, Singing, is one of the guests at this year’s Sydney Writers’ Festival.

On interviewing Evie Wyld, my literary crush

Evie Wyld will be a guest at this year's Sydney Writers' Festival. Here, she speaks with a passionate reader about the success of her award-winning book, All The Birds, Singing.
Irvine Welsh’s book represents the cry of the unvoiced in any cultural place or age. hélène veilleux

Choose Trainspotting: Welsh’s debut was and is a great novel

It’s been 21 years since the publication of Irvine Welsh’s groundbreaking and controversial novel, Trainspotting. Since then, it has been widely praised and criticised, rejected by a mainstream audience…
Plenty of extreme wrongs are performed by comparatively ordinary people. Danny O'Connor

Does evil exist and, if so, are some people just plain evil?

You would have to be naïve to believe that evil exists, right? If you were asked to come up with examples of evil villains, you might think of the Emperor from Star Wars, Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter…
What links the former Soviet Union to the Russia we know today? Rob Ketcherside

Back in the USSR: my life as a ‘spy’ in the archives

Spies were a glamour news item in Western (and Soviet) press in the 1960s; it was the age of Kim Philby, British spymaster-cum-Soviet spy, and the endless media hunt for the “fifth man” of the Cambridge…

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