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Winona Ryder played Susannah Kaysen in the film of Kaysen’s memoir, Girl, Interrupted. Columbia Pictures/IMDB

Girl, Interrupted interrogates how women are ‘mad’ when they refuse to conform – 30 years on, this memoir is still important

Why was Susanna Kaysen really hospitalised? Her memoir Girl, Interrupted turns 30 this year. It investigates whether she was ‘mad’, or medicalised for a ‘chaotic’ life that defied gender norms.
Penguin has touched a nerve by issuing a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory cover with no chocolate. AAP /NEWZULU/SEE LI

We shouldn’t judge Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by its cover

Last week, Penguin released a 50th-anniversary edition of Roald Dahl’s classic novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – to an astonishingly negative reception. Die-hard Dahl fans on Twitter were scathing…

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