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Deregulating TAFE would have serious impacts for the labour market. from

Deregulating TAFE is a big risk to the labour market

The risks posed by deregulating the vocational education and training sector have serious impacts for large sections of the labour market.
Funding of vocational education is suffering given neither the state nor Federal government has sole responsibility. Shutterstock

Renewing federalism: our tertiary education system needs a rethink

The reform of Australia’s federation is under review. In this special series, we ask leading Australian academics to begin a debate on renewing federalism, from tax reform to the broader issues of democracy…
Changes to the regulation of Vocational Education and Training are good, but they ignore the real problem, that the sector is chronically underfunded. Shutterstock

Reforms to VET are a good thing, but nowhere near enough

After announcing a slew of changes to vocational education and training (VET) earlier in the week, Industry Minister Ian MacFarlane made further changes yesterday to the regulation of the sector. While…
Last week’s wholesale sackings of TAFE leaders is just another chapter in the chaotic story of the vocational reforms. AAP Image/Joe Castro

Excuses for heavy-handed TAFE sackings don’t hold up

On the eve of Good Friday, in apparent attempt to bury a bad news story, the Victorian government sacked seven of the chairs of its 14 standalone TAFEs and two more were to “retire”. These sackings came…
The announcement this week of funding for Victorian TAFEs won’t make up for previous cuts. AAP Image/Julian Smith

Napthine falls short: TAFE needs more than a bandaid

There might be a new premier in Victoria, but it seems there’s still no good news for TAFEs. The $200 million in structural adjustment funding announced this week is certainly welcome, but it is simply…
We won’t realise the impact of state cuts to vocational education for many years. AAP/Joe Castro

The neglected sector: the year that changed TAFE in Australia

This year, the majority of TAFEs across the country have been threatened by state government changes to the sector. In New South Wales and Victoria, vocational education has seen institutional closures…
The TAFE sector has faced cuts, but it may be our best way of addressing the skills shortage. AAP/April Fonti

TAFE helps skills shortage more than private providers

The Vocational Education and Training sector (VET) is doing more to address Australia’s skills shortage than private providers, according to a new paper from the Centre for Policy Development. The paper’s…
The role of TAFEs in supporting innovation by anticipating knowledge and skills can’t be easily picked up by universities. (AAP Image/Joe Castro

TAFE cuts will affect everyone: state governments should think again

TAFE staff are striking today to demonstrate their opposition to unparalleled funding cutbacks totalling almost $300 million imposed by the Victorian State Government. A recent leaked cabinet paper summarising…
Education experts say cuts to TAFE in regional areas will have major social consequences. AAP

TAFE cuts will harm the economy, boost crime rate: experts

State governments arew wrecking the TAFE system and cuts to TAFE institutes in regional areas will have major social and economic consequences say education experts. “They’re cutting out rungs in the education…
NSW has become the third state to make major cuts to TAFE. AAP

Education cuts send mixed messages as states look to Commonwealth

State governments are shifting responsibility for education to the Commonwealth, resulting in mixed messages about the importance of education to Australia’s future, say education experts. Yesterday NSW…
Regional Victorian tourism is likely to feel the impact of Victoria’s recent TAFE cuts, which follow bi-partisan policy failure around competition.

TAFE troubles puts Victoria’s tourism competitiveness at risk

Tourism and hospitality course closures have featured prominently in the recent announcements about redundancies flowing from the estimated $200 million of Victorian TAFE funding cuts. While the causes…

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