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Victory by the Liberals in Saturday’s Tasmania state election was widely anticipated, but what are the challenges now for Will Hodgman’s new government? AAP/Rob Blakers

Tasmania election aftermath: what now for the Apple Isle?

On Saturday, the winds of change took on the proportions of a Bass Strait gale to deliver the Liberal Party an emphatic victory in the Tasmanian state election. The Liberals, under long-serving leader…
Liberal leader Will Hodgman casts his vote in the 2010 Tasmanian election. But just how is Tasmania’s lower house elected? AAP/Julian Smith

Tasmania election: what is the Hare-Clark system?

After trading blows around predictable topics, the only issue of consensus in a recent televised debate between the leaders of the Tasmanian Liberal and Labor parties, Will Hodgman and Lara Giddings, was…
There has been an uninspiring and vacuous lead-up to the Tasmanian election, likely to be won by the Will Hodgman-led Liberal opposition. Why? AAP/Rob Blakers

Tasmania election: a spiritless campaign may be a good thing

A YouTube video appeared earlier this month with a suspiciously familiar Tasmanian candidate named “Fast Freddy”. The video perfectly encapsulates Poe’s law, which states that it is impossible to distinguish…
Sound familiar? Tasmanian Liberal leader Will Hodgman says the election is ‘the most important in a generation’, a claim symptomatic of the recycling of political narratives. AAP/David Beniuk

Campaign, rinse, repeat: why voters have heard it all before

South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria are heading to the polls this year to pick their next state governments. All indications are that these campaigns will have more than a dash of déjà vu about them…
Is Tasmania’s world heritage listed wilderness the focus of a tussle for votes? JJ Harrison/Wikimedia Commons

Why electioneering is at the root of Tasmania’s forest furore

The Australian government is trying to turn back time in Tasmania’s forests, seeking to roll back world heritage measures put in place just a few months ago in the wake of a peace deal between Tasmanian…
Tasmania will go to the polls on March 15. What issues will decide the campaign? AAP/Rob Blakers

Pulp mill politics set to dominate Tasmanian election

Tasmanian premier Lara Giddings cleared the way for the state to head to the polls late last week. Having sacked Greens ministers Nick McKim and Cassy O'Connor from her Cabinet, Giddings set the election…

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