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H is for heft. Matt Buck

What’s gone wrong at HSBC?

As HSBC suffers under the scorching spotlight of public scrutiny once more, it is fair to ask why the banking group so often finds itself at the heart of the action.
Realistic reforms to federal-state financial relations are possible with the right amount of political will. AAP/Alan Porritt

Could ‘hard budget constraints’ fix the federation’s fiscal feud?

The federal budget reignited debate over federal-state relations with a decision to cut $80 billion funding for the state responsibilities of schools and hospitals over the coming years. So how can federal-state…
Miners, farmers and trucking companies spoke out over rumoured cuts to fuel tax credits in this year’s budget, and the credits for off-road diesel use are now tipped to be left alone. Rebecca Le May/AAP

Viewpoints: should fuel tax credits be cut in the budget?

Tony Abbott has warned there will be “tough decisions” in tomorrow’s federal budget – but would his government risk an industry and internal backlash by cutting back on multi-billion-dollar fuel tax credits…
After a promising start to an ambitious economic turn-around program, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will have more difficulty with tax changes scheduled to come in over the next few years. EPA/Harish Tyagi

Japanese tax hikes loom large for Abenomics

Another record trade deficit for Japan is raising doubts about Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s “Abenomics” strategy for economic revival. The new figures follow poor manufacturing sentiment numbers earlier…
Just make sure you get a receipt. Tom Miller/PA

India’s firm stance on tax could actually help investors

India keeps getting into arguments with foreign firms over tax; is it wise to do so? The Financial Times, for one, is in no doubt that India is scaring off foreign investors, and that it is making a mistake…
Sweden shows it’s possible to maintain a welfare state and good public finances Shutterstock

Swedish lessons for the Commission of Audit

As the Abbott government’s Commission of Audit busily scours the globe for answers to our fiscal woes, where in the world will it look? My tip is that it will dwell with the usual suspects: the UK, the…
You’d need a lot of these to make a dent in our deficit. Images_of_Money

Raising top tax rate to 50p won’t raise much revenue

Ed Balls, the shadow chancellor, has announced that if elected a Labour government would return the rate of income tax payable on incomes above £150,000 to 50%. What would the effect of this be? The contention…
Assistant treasurer Arthur Sinodinos is being pushed to consider “patent box” incentives to spur innovation and commercialisation in Australia. AAP/Stefan Postles

Lower tax on profits from patents will spur industry innovation

Australian business’s innovation track record has been patchy, but it’s commercialisation track record has been even worse. Now the Abbott Government is considering another proposal – this time from Ausbiotech…

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