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Westfield Retail Trust’s chairman Richard Warburton deferred a vote on controversial plans to spin off the group. AAP/Dan Himbrechts

Westfield’s stoush should shine light on tax paid by property trusts

Reports of the Westfield Group’s attempts to push through a A$15 billion restructure - complete with a boisterous showdown last Thursday - have mostly concentrated around the effect of the deal on its…
Europe has the right to be forgotten, Google does not have the right to forget Europe. Eric Fischer

Right to be forgotten ruling highlights global reach of EU law

The Court of Justice of the European Union has issued a ruling that affects privacy and data protection for millions of people. But the ruling is also significant because of what it says about whether…
Shell companies can still flourish in sunny tax havens. Gronkh

Don’t be misled by Vince Cable’s talk of corporate transparency

Business secretary Vince Cable has announced his intention to create a public register of UK company ownership in a bid to tackle tax evasion and money laundering by shady corporate bodies. But don’t believe…
US multinationals, through a network of lobby groups, are pushing back against attempts to reform international corporate taxation. EPA/Michael Reynolds

G20 tax reform mired in shadowy world of lobbying

Researchers estimate the US loses more than US$90 billion annually in corporate income tax revenues from tax loopholes and tax havens, also known as base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS). With a growing…
Who me? Legislators in the US have made it possible for “national heroes” to implement tax avoidance schemes. EPA/Jim Lo Scalzo

Apple iTax: made in Ireland, designed in the US

Apple, famous for its innovative products, is equally creative in its tax structure. From 2009 to 2012, it successfully sheltered US$44 billion from being taxed anywhere in the world, including sales generated…
Just make sure you get a receipt. Tom Miller/PA

India’s firm stance on tax could actually help investors

India keeps getting into arguments with foreign firms over tax; is it wise to do so? The Financial Times, for one, is in no doubt that India is scaring off foreign investors, and that it is making a mistake…
Cheap weekends in NYC could be a thing of the past. WanderingTheWorld

It’s bad news all round if Airbnb bites the dust in New York

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has sent a subpoena to the home-renting company Airbnb. The demand asks for personal data relating to 15,000 users of the service in the city that have rented…
Tax loopholes have cost Tanzania billions. David Parry/PA

For G20 leaders, poverty is a taxing issue

The G20 has been dominated by Syria, tax reform, and playground infighting among world leaders. But where is the talk of ending hunger, eradicating diseases or cancelling debts? Back in 2005, as the G8…
Companies can keep on ducking tax, despite what the OECD says. Yahoo! Inc

OECD tax avoidance plan is no quick fix for EU

The long awaited report on combating corporate tax avoidance by the OECD sadly has to deal with a corporate tax system which is unfit for purpose. It is a follow-up to the G8 meeting last month in Ireland…
The survival of Pacific Island tax havens depends on a bigger struggle between the Global North and the Global South. Shutterstock

Pacific Islands shine light on larger tax-haven fight

The role of offshore tax havens have come under increasing fire amid growing global concern over tax revenues, with a calls for greater transparency from the recent G8 summit and the recommendation of…
Thumbs up if you want a fair tax system. Jonathan Porter / Oxfam

Leaders will talk tough on tax, but action may be beyond G8

When the leaders of the world’s most powerful economies gather in Northern Ireland on Monday, one issue will overshadow all others: tax. For years the matter of how global corporations engage with offshore…
Complex legal structures between countries, known as “hybrid” tax, legally minimise tax but represent a significant challenge for governments. Image sourced from

Chasing tax across countries: A test case

There has been a lot in the news lately about the low tax paid by some multinational corporations, including Starbucks and Google. These multinationals say that they are complying with the tax laws of…
Tax protests outside a Starbucks in London. But do people really care enough to make a difference? Steve Parsons/PA

Consumers won’t boycott Apple or Google over tax … yet

The tax arrangements of major brands such as Google, Apple and Amazon have prompted a fierce debate over questions of organisational ethics, social justice and international co-operation. But as a consumer…
The dark side of sunny Cyprus: money laundering and lax enforcement of tax law has made the country a hotspot for wealthy Russians.

Cyprus avoids a bad haircut, but pays a price for shady finance

In a surprise move that shocked investors and commentators alike, the Republic of Cyprus announced plans last weekend to impose a levy on bank deposits. However, Cyprus’ prime minister, Nicos Anastasiades…

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