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Will ACMA’s new code of practice be enough to give Australian telcos a wake-up call? sachman75

Verizon Wireless vs Telstra: the great mobile rip-off continues

Does the recent announcement by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) of a new code of practice to prevent bill shock for “long-suffering telco customers”, and improve product marketing…
“Cloning” suggests more than one version of the same thing – but is that really what’s happening? Arty Smokes (deaf mute)

Phone cloning and Craig Thomson – how plausible are his claims?

How plausible is the claim, by independent MP Craig Thomson, that union rivals may have “cloned” his phone? On Monday, he told Parliament his phone could have been cloned as part of an elaborate conspiracy…
Microsoft’s US$8.5 billion purchase: investment folly, or money well spent? Lou Dematteis/EPA

Skype and Microsoft: a deal worth ringing home about?

So, Microsoft has announced it will buy Skype in a US$8.5 billion move that has left the technology and business worlds puzzled. Owners of Microsoft shares might be most puzzled of all, maybe even tearing…
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, left, has big plans for Skype. Kimihiro Hoshino/AFP

A big call: what Microsoft wants from Skype

Microsoft’s US$8.5 billion Skype acquisition, announced yesterday, gives the US software developer a golden opportunity to expand its business via the internet, including accessing and leveraging the rapidly…

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