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Would there be a place in advertising’s postmodern era for Don Draper? Michael Yarish/AMC

After Mad Men, big money replaced big ideas

The final season concludes in 1969. What happened in the advertising industry over the ensuing decades?
Fresh faces: the original Wake Up lineup launched with three, whittled to two and then, last week, was axed. AAP

Australian breakfast TV – and the fight for eyeballs

The axe swung at Network Ten and removed the head of its breakfast program Wake Up - just over six months since it launched. And why? Nobody was watching. The 6am to 9am timeslot has been a hotly contested…
Holden’s latest ad campaign promises “We’re here to stay”, but it seems to have misread the market. AAP/Holden

Holden’s issue advertising campaign misses the mark

In the shadow of its worst ever annual sales figures – fewer than 28,000 Commodores sold in 2013 – Holden is persisting with an extraordinary advertising campaign to “explain” its decision to cease car…
Nine CEO David Gyngell has secured a lifeline for the ailing television network. AAP

Debt deal saves Channel Nine — for now

Channel Nine is a station of two tales. The first is the positive story its viewers see: smiling in-house celebrities, reliable newsreaders, and blockbuster programs such as House Husbands, The Voice…
Print advertising from the LiveLighter Western Australia’s anti-obesity campaign.

What does the yuck factor achieve in anti-obesity campaigns ?

The most recent Australian anti-obesity measure, the West Australian LiveLighter campaign, features a series of shocking television advertisements, including one showing a middle-aged man in his kitchen…

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