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Country Liberal government leader and Chief Minister Terry Mills has pledged to visit Northern Territory’s remote communities. AAP

Arrogant Indigenous policies that toppled NT Labor is a lesson for Feds

The remarkable feature of the Country Liberal Party’s win in the Northern Territory is how it presents two completely opposing aspects, with dramatically contrasting results between the towns and remote…
Northern Territory’s new Chief Minister Terry Mills has benefited from indigenous disenchantment with state and federal Labor policies.

NT Labor counts the cost of federal and state indigenous policies

The ALP losses in the Northern Territory are fairly clearly related to Aboriginal rejection of their treatment - not just what was done to them, but how it was done. There has been little acknowledgement…
There are health benefits for indigenous Australians when they live in smaller homeland communities. Flickr/Rusty Stewart

Homeland communities destroyed to save a bit of cash

Government efforts to “close the gap” between indigenous and white Australians ignore the needs of nearly 1000 homeland communities on the Indigenous estate. Australian citizens living at the most remote…
The government is ignoring protests against income management, and evidence it doesn’t work. AAP/Larine Statham

Government ignores evidence of policy failure on Aboriginal issues

The government is ignoring evidence that income management in Aboriginal communities isn’t working. Despite a raft of studies showing it isn’t changing behaviour or significantly improving people’s life…
Alice Springs’ many faces: the intervention, tourism, grog - and a housing crisis.

How Alice tackles its housing crisis now will shape its future

Each year for the last three years, I’ve taken a group of architecture students to Alice Springs for a 10-day urban design workshop. I first found myself in this city during Desert Mob – the annual sale…

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