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Many pro-science arguments rest on the belief science is simply a “very good thing”. Raul Lazaro

Science in crisis? Go on then, prove it

Litanies about how poorly science and the science “brand” are doing have become a little too common for my liking. The most recent notable example came courtesy of the EU’s Science, it’s a girl thing campaign…
When a relationship goes off course, it can be hard to refocus attention. Digitalnative

Way off balance: science and the mainstream media

THE STATE OF SCIENCE: Has there been a communication breakdown between science and the media and, if so, is the damage terminal? In the concluding instalment of our series, Stephan Lewandowsky and Steve…
Funding and fame can depend on selling a compelling scientific story. cambiodefractal

Selling science: the lure of the dark side

THE STATE OF SCIENCE: Has prolonged scrutiny of climate science revealed more about the way science works than scientists themselves might like? Matthew Bailes thinks so. Although often ignorant of the…
When even your family don’t know what you do, it’s time to start explaining. tony newell

Tweed or speed … a day in the life of a modern scientist

THE STATE OF SCIENCE: When we think “scientist” what comes to mind? Aloof boffins with fading elbow patches or, even worse, nothing at all? Andrew Whitehouse puts pen to pad and fills in the gaps. “What…
The approaches may differ, but the end goal has much in common. Collierwilson

Scientists and politicians – the same but different?

THE STATE OF SCIENCE: Why do politicians and scientists disagree on so many issues? Are they really as different as we might think? Will J Grant and Rod Lamberts weigh up the evidence. Opinion pieces these…
Is it time to shrug off the old ways of teaching science for the benefit of everyone? pplflickr

Get real: taking science to the next generation of Einsteins

THE STATE OF SCIENCE: If there is a crisis in student enrolment numbers in school science, where does that come from? Denis Goodrum asks whether a new perspective could revolutionise both teaching and…
People distrust science for many reasons, but this can be overcome. Jody Art

Why do people reject science? Here’s why …

THE STATE OF SCIENCE: Why do people distrust science? Why do some of us reject consensus on a whole range of scientific findings? As Professor Stephan Lewandowsky explains, it often comes down to the way…
Imperfection doesn’t stop scientists from seeking answers. Cea

Science is imperfect – you can be certain of that

THE STATE OF SCIENCE: Former Chief Scientist for Australia Professor Penny Sackett explores how we deal with uncertainty in science. Listen to the podcast below for more. Professor Penny Sackett – Uncertainty…
Science comes in all different colours, and someone needs to explain what they are. alphadesigner

Express yourself, scientists – speaking plainly isn’t beneath you

THE STATE OF SCIENCE: Should scientists communicate with the general public? Dr Danny Kingsley makes a case for speaking out. Scientific articles don’t often feature on beside tables or as bathroom reading…
You may be home late if the entire universe is your test tube. morgantj

Science can seem like madness, but there’s always method

THE STATE OF SCIENCE: How does science work? And how can we experiment on things that don’t fit in a lab? Dr Will Howard examines the many faces of the scientific method. As adults, our understanding of…
Scientists are driven by an urge to explain mysteries, describe phenomena and solve problems. nigel_appleton

What’s a scientist – a poker or a puffin?

THE STATE OF SCIENCE: What unites a geologist, a biologist, an astrophysicist and a chemist? Dr Susan Lawler explains. What’s a scientist? Let me tell you a story. A couple of decades ago, I was catching…
Where does science sit in the Australian landscape? pixshure

Does Australia care about science?

Welcome to The State of Science, a series in which Australia’s leading scientists give a snapshot of their discipline. This is not a “defence” of science, nor an attack on those who reject scientific consensus…

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