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Although tightly linked to each other, airlines and the aircraft manufacturing industry don’t generally seem to be heading in the same direction. Flickr/FreeFoto

One flies planes, the other makes money: the two sides of aviation

A few months ago I was invited to a small gathering organised by executives from a large international airline (one you most certainly have heard of). About a dozen of us were there and the mix was varied…
Virgin Australia has announced a series of deals that will see it take a controlling stake in low cost carrier Tiger Airways.

Virgin Australia gains low-cost and regional foothold

Virgin Australia has announced a series of deals which will see it sell a 10% stake to Singapore Airlines, gain a 60% share in low-cost carrier Tiger Airways Australia and challenge the dominance of Qantas…
Tiger’s low-cost model just hasn’t worked in Australia. AAP

We’ll pay more, even if Tiger returns to the skies

The grounding of Tiger Airways over the weekend underlines the difficulties of the airline business. The global airline industry has consistently failed to generate an adequate return on capital, even…
A QANTAS A380 Airbus, one of the last international flights to depart Sydney International Airport shortly before a 3pm suspension of flights in Sydney on Tuesday. AAP

Explainer: Why can’t planes fly through volcanic ash?

A volcanic ash cloud produced by Chile’s Puyehue volcanic eruption has circumnavigated the globe and floated over Australia twice, disrupting flights and leaving over 120,000 passengers stranded. The Conversation…
Tiger Airways needs to better understand the maturity of the Australian aviation market. AAP

Why Tiger Airways’ future in Australia is under a cloud

Tiger Airways chief Tony Davis’ decision to sell 1 million of his own shares in the company last week didn’t send the best message about his prognosis for the budget airline’s future in Australia. While…

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