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Scott Sheridan and Natasha Herbert in Cloudstreet, a new production of the stage adaptation of Tim Winton’s literary epic. Pia Johnson

In Cloudstreet, nostalgia all too easily redeems Australia’s colonial past

A new production of Cloudstreet - the play adapted from Tim Winton’s literary epic - is visually arresting. But despite a diverse cast, Indigenous characters remain spectral and peripheral.
The beach is a common setting for Australian novels, which often capture its darker side. boxer_bob/flickr

Ten great Australian beach reads set at the beach

While tourism campaigns often portray the beach as an idyllic, isolated haven, many of our beach stories depict it as a darker, more complex place. Here are ten worth reading.
Tim Winton sets his latest novel, The Shepherd’s Hut, in the salt lakes of Western Australia.

Tim Winton’s answer to toxic masculinity: god?

Tim Winton’s latest novel, The Shepherd’s Hut, pushes the author’s classic themes to the extreme.
A termite mound in Cape Range National Park: WA’s geography has helped shape its writers. Susanna Dunkerley/AAP

From Tim Winton to Gail Jones: why writing matters in WA

With its dramatic landscape, relative isolation and vibrant counter culture, Western Australia has a thriving writing scene. But government funding cuts are biting.
Magical realism has evolved into a heavily, and ironically, political literary form. Berli Mike

Explainer: magical realism

With roots in post first world war paintings of empty European cities, magical realism has evolved into a heavily, and ironically, political literary form.
Read on for some pointers … although all will be revealed next week. Paul Bence

Who will win the 2014 Miles Franklin Award?

When Richard Flanagan’s The Narrow Road to the Deep North was published last year, one reviewer proclaimed he had just read the winner of the 2014 Miles Franklin Award. Flanagan’s novel has now got as…

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