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The A$6.7bn West Gate Tunnel project has similar problems to the cancelled East West Link. Andi Yu/AAP

Transurban’s West Gate tollway is a road into uncharted territory

Recent decisions to proceed with major road projects have not considered viable alternatives, despite this being a legal requirement.
Congested roads and overcrowded public transport services are common problems in many of our cities. Dam Himbeechts/AAP

Speaking with: Crystal Legacy on the politics of transport infrastructure

Australia's transport infrastructure needs urgent upgrades. But with governments willing to fund only one or two major projects, how do we decide which infrastructure project to prioritise?
Tunnel vision: the claim that more roads equals less congestion fails to see the wider picture. AAP Image/Dean Lewins

Do more roads really mean less congestion for commuters?

A new road may provide motorists with some level of respite from congestion in the short term. But almost all of the benefit from the road will be lost in the longer term.
The federal and NSW governments have thrown their support behind the WestConnex toll road, but are they looking at the wrong numbers on projected usage? AAP Image/Paul Miller

Why fewer drivers are likely to use WestConnex than predicted

Australia has a history of over-predicting the usage of roads, a fact worth remembering when you hear the NSW government say 120,000 cars a day will use Stage 3 of the WestConnex.
Governments are failing to keep up with infrastructure demand, but are tolls the answer? John Pryke/AAP

Should users pay the toll for Australia’s infrastructure problem?

Australia spends more on infrastructure today than at any stage in its history. Yet governments are unable to meet demand and don’t expect ever to do so. What can governments do to keep up with escalating…

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