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Peter Dutton says changes to citizenship legislation are a modernisation that would bring Australia in line with other countries. Lukas Coch/AAP

Labor takes a political risk and opposes government’s tougher citizenship legislation

The government has finally found an issue it can cast in terms of “national security” on which it can get a fight with Labor. Bill Shorten usually sticks leech-like to bipartisanship on anything with even…
Chris Bowen and Tony Burke put out Labor’s costings just after Malcolm Turnbull’s official launch of the Coalition’s campaign. Dan Peled/AAP

Labor costings: ALP deficit $16.5 billion higher over the budget period

Labor has unveiled its costings, showing it would have a deficit of around $16 billion higher across the forward estimates than that shown in the Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Outlook.
A review found some comments made by NBN Co chairman Ziggy Switkowski were ‘not consistent’ with caretaker conventions. Julian Smith/AAP

NBN Co says it was protecting staff morale in caretaker breach

NBN Co has strongly defended itself after Martin Parkinson found that its chairman, Ziggy Switkowski, breached the pre-election caretaker conventions.
The row over Speaker Bronwyn Bishop’s parliamentary entitlements claim has become a major distraction for the Coalition. AAP/Mick Tsikas

Bishop helicopter trip referred to Australian Federal Police

The opposition has asked the Australian Federal Police to investigate whether Speaker Bronwyn Bishop broke the law in claiming $5227 for a helicopter trip between Melbourne and Geelong.
Marine parks are valuable tools to help safeguard species such as seagrasses. AAP Image/James Cook University

Why are Australia’s marine parks being reviewed so soon after they were signed off?

Australia’s network of marine parks - a decade in the making and announced in 2012 - haven’t been implemented yet, and the Abbott government has already placed the plans under review. Why the hurry?
Greg Hunt, and all environment ministers past and future, could be protected from legal challenge over mining approvals. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

Australia’s environment minister could soon be above the law

Earlier this month, a Senate inquiry paved the way for the Parliament to give Environment Minister Greg Hunt legal immunity against future legal challenges to his decisions on mining projects. If it passes…
If funding for Aboriginal artists and organisations is cut, performers like The Black Arm Band will not receive adequate support. IFACCA

Indigenous cultural policy: Creative Australia or creative accounting?

Like many others, I was pleasantly surprised by the government’s announcement last month of A$54 million in funding for Indigenous languages as part of the national cultural policy – Creative Australia…
Minister for the Environment Tony Burke and Minister for Agriculture Joe Ludwig will amend Australian law to prevent the super trawler from fishing in Australian waters for up to two years. AAP

Scientists to be called in as super trawler blocked for two years

Super trawler the Abel Tasman (formerly the Margiris) will be blocked from fishing in Australian waters for up to two years after the Federal Government announced plans to amend legislation to address…

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