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Bart Pigram, Yawuru owner/operator of Narlijia Experiences Broome, WA, out on Country with visitors. Bart Pigram

‘More than a word’: practising reconciliation through Indigenous knowledge-sharing in tourism

The theme for National Reconciliation Week 2021 is ‘More than a word: reconciliation takes action’. Engaging with Aboriginal knowledges is a way to pursue reconciliation as more than a buzzword.
Koalas have long featured in tourism ads, including this new one from Tourism Australia. Amid our bushfire crisis, this digital ad has been ‘paused’. Tourism Australia

Koalas are the face of Australian tourism. What now after the fires?

Koalas take a starring role in Australian tourism advertising – but what happens when our primary image of this animal is one of pain and destruction?
The same day tourism professionals gathered to hear a glowing report from Tourism Australia, Qantas dumped its promotional sponsorship with the national body.

By dumping Tourism Australia deal, Qantas hands a golden opportunity to Virgin

One week ago, two very different groups gathered in two different cities to talk about tourism. In Sydney, more than 250 industry professionals were being briefed by Tourism Australia chief Andrew McEvoy…
Previously close, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce and Tourism Australia chairman Geoff Dixon are now at loggerheads after Joyce withdrew $44 million funding from TA. But Joyce is determined his positioning strategy for Qantas won’t be disrupted. AAP

Will tourist operators end up getting lost in Qantas/TA face-off?

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce is a master of brinkmanship. The withdrawal of $44 million of marketing support to Tourism Australia based on the perception of a conflict of interest with the board chairman, Geoff…

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