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Accepting a donor kidney with a small risk of carrying HIV or hepatitis B or C might be worth thinking about. from

Organs ‘too risky’ to donate may be safer than we think. We crunched the numbers and here’s what we found

Organs from gay men or injecting drug users, often rejected for transplants, could safely be used, so long as donors test negative for infections such as HIV, and hepatitis B and C.
Isolated pancreas cells stained bright green are shown sitting in the wells of the transport “egg carton”. Aurelien Forget

We’ve made ‘smart egg-cartons’ to transport cells to cure diabetes

Doctors can treat diabetes by transplanting cells from the pancreas of a donor to the patient. But many of the crucial cells die - a better way to store and transport them can help.
Valery Spiridonov, the man who would have the first head transplant. Maxim Zmeyev/Reuters

The problem with human head transplants

Italian surgeon, Sergio Canavero, claims that he is ready to perform the world's first head transplant. But does the science stack up?

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