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The latest season of Orange is the New Black is currently screening on Showcase – but do female showrunners get treated in the same way as their male counterparts? Showcase

Orange is the New Black, True Detective and the gender problem on prestige TV

There’s more prestige than ever on our screens – but there’s also gender problem both in terms of the reception of female-centred shows – and the treatment of female creator-showrunners.
Seismic changes in the television industry have transformed the ways stories are told and consumed. from

Why has TV storytelling become so complex?

Many refer to advances in television storytelling as novelistic or cinematic, but the medium deserves a term of its own: complex TV.
The Fargo production team hold the Emmy for outstanding miniseries during the 66th annual Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. EPA/ Paul Buck

The Emmys show what it takes to make great TV drama go global

The American TV drama Fargo (2014-) was today awarded the gong for outstanding miniseries at the 2014 Emmy Awards and top-shelf TV productions are basking in the recognition, with a few shows – Fargo…
A Western, set in the south, featuring European gothic – what’s going on? Image courtesy of FOXTEL.

True Detective lassos the Yellow King in Hollywood South

This article contains spoilers. Ne raillons pas les fous; leur folie dure plus longtemps que la nôtre … Voila toute la difference. So begins The Repairer of Reputations, the opening story to Robert W Chambers…

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