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Where’s it gone? Guschenkova/

Why do some cancers suddenly disappear?

A few cancers vanish without any medical treatment. Researchers are studying these ‘spontaneous regressions’ to see if they can lead to new cancer treatments.
They have cancer in their sights. StephenMitchell/Flickr

New cancer-huntingnano-robots’ to seek and destroy tumours

It sounds like a scene from a science fiction novel – an army of tiny weaponised robots travelling around a human body, hunting down malignant tumours and destroying them from within. But research in Nature…

Hope against breast cancer

There is new hope in the fight against breast cancer. Scientists have found that silencing the BCL-2 gene in oestrogen receptor…
The French paper linking GM corn and cancer in rats should have been rejected on a number of grounds. Vermario

Genetically modified corn and cancer – what does the evidence really say?

French scientist Gilles-Eric Seralini caused quite a stir last week when he claimed he’d shown cancer in rats increased when they were fed genetically modified corn and/or water spiked with the herbicide…
A young Tasmanian Devil bears the signs of the highly contagious facial tumour that has wiped out 85% of the species. AAP/Gary Brown

Mystery deepens in race to save Tasmanian Devil

The facial tumour responsible for wiping out 85% of Tasmanian Devils is spreading regardless of genetic differences across the species, undermining the theory that it is mostly deadly in communities whose…
Apple founder Steve Jobs battled pancreatic cancer for many years. EPA/Andy Rain

Gene discovery could help treat deadliest form of cancer

The discovery of a tumour suppressing gene could offer hope to patients with the deadliest form of cancer, new research has shown. An international team of researchers, including scientists from Australia…

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