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Minister for Indigenous Australians Linda Burney with Andrew Gee during a launch of the Yes campaign for the upcoming referendum at Lake Canobolas, NSW. AAP Image/Murray Mccloskey

Regional communities were central to Uluru Statement, and they must also be for the Voice to Parliament

First Nations Voices from regional communities was essential in designing and advancing the idea of a Voice to Parliament, and it will be equally essential in this upcoming referendum.
Camels on Nullabor (at bottom right) supplied by State Library of South Australia B-7953. Other images are family photographs, supplied by author.

I’m descended from a Baloch-Afghan cameleer and a Badimiya Yamitji woman: they battled racist government policies to save our family

Sabah Rind’s great-grandparents, a Baloch-Afghan cameleer and a Muslim Badimiya Yamitji woman, had to battle the White Australia policy and the Aborigines Act 1905 in the course of their daily lives.
Dancers performing evening ceremonial Bungul at the Garma Festival in northeast Arnhem Land. Aaron Bunch/AAP Image

Establishing a Voice to Parliament could be an opportunity for Indigenous Nation Building. Here’s what that means

Australian Governments must embrace Indigenous Nation Building if the Uluru Statement is to lead to effective structural reform and self-determined government for First Nations peoples.

The Albanese government has committed to enshrining a First Nations Voice in the Constitution. What do Australians think of the idea?

Survey findings bring insight to the general public’s thoughts and concerns of an Indigenous Voice to parliament. What questions still need to be answered to obtain a yes vote in a referendum?
AAP Image/Lukas Coch and Mick Tsikas, Shutterstock

How do the major parties rate on the First Nations Voice to Parliament? We asked 5 experts

One of the recommendations from the 2017 Uluru Statement from the Heart calls for the establishment of a First Nations Voice to parliament, enshrined in the Constitution. This would ensure First Nations…

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